Guest Posting Guidelines

Our mission here at Growing Organic is to provide an open-source educational resource center for those interested in expanding their horizons into a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. You can learn more about us here. We are open to all contributors who are willing to take the time to produce content potentially being published onto our site. Growing Organic appropriately acknowledges all writers and gives credit where it is due by listing our content’s contributors. Although the date of publication is not always guaranteed, you can be sure to have your approved submissions published by the following week.

Who Can Write For Us?

Growing Organic recognizes all request posts and inquiries submitted to us. We are, however, cautious as to what kind of content is placed on our website for the public. While we appreciate all of the submissions we receive, we only publish content from the following:

  • Non-competitors
  • Those interested in our particular industry
  • Knowledgable persons in the field

See below for a detailed list of our guest posting guidelines:

  • Do not write the article solely to promote your product, service or business. We value our readers and want to only provide relevant and interesting information.
  • Do not link to any sites that promote unhealthy ways of living or hurtful gardening practices, which negatively impact the earth.
  • Of course, you may link to your own website, but please be mindful of how many links you place in the article. We will remove links from articles if they do not meet our standards.
  • We only practice organic methods of growing plants, so please do not promote items that do not follow these practices.
  • Please do not place affiliate links, which you receive passive income from within the article.
  • Please ensure the article follows content and SEO best practices. We will send back articles that do not follow these practices and request a new one.
  • Do not commit plagiarism.
  • Your content, if containing evident and non-opinionated information, should be authentic and factual. False information is not acceptable in our published articles, and all content’s accuracy is verified.
  • Do not submit content that has already been published on the internet. We strive to have unique articles.
  • Do not submit articles irrelevant to the topics of our website, company or community as they will be instantly denied.
  • We do not accept the following types of posts: press releases, pitches, lists of resources or marketing pieces.