Organic Cannabis

Cannabis popularity is taking North America by storm. Once thought to be an “evil weed,” marijuana is now respected by many. This is due to the numerous mental, physical, social and cultural benefits that it provides.

Growing Cannabis

Creating the perfect, chemical-free environment for the flourishing of cannabis requires a balance in your growing medium. Some commercial growers will comprise the medium for output, but this is very unwise, as the medium is the home for the plant. As with your own home, aeration, moisture and nutrition will determine the level of health of the inhabitants. There are almost as many growing mediums as there are styles of houses. And, you must choose the right one for you. We recommend the no-till living soil growing method, so as to avoid leaving your medium depleted of nutrients and compacted. Using this method, you can establish a growing medium that will only improve with time. Whereas other methods you must throw out after a few batches.

Furthermore, while there are other alternative growing methods that may allow more “options” in terms of your final product, the benefits of controlling every segment in a plant’s life cycle are debatable. This is especially true when weighed against the added cost of research and development, chemical additives, and the lack of environmental sustainability.

We prefer to rely on Mother Nature for our R&D. After all, she does have few billion years to offer.

This is where organic living soil comes in. Living soil applies the practice of adding nutrients and living organisms to an aerated and moist (but not too wet) soil to create a symbiotic environment rich in food for your plant. The no-till method that goes along with living soil prevents disruption in the growth of beneficial fungi.

Lighting Options

When growing indoor cannabis, special attention must be paid to the type of lighting being used. The intention is to create a light color spectrum that closely resembles sunlight.  Many options for plant lighting exist, but the most commonly used are HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamps. This is because their color spectrum is closest to springtime sunlight, promoting flowering.

Advances in lighting technology have turned LED lights into a welcome and affordable replacement for HPS lamps. Energy consumption is far lower in LED’s and their lack of heat allows for greater flexibility in light placement. Most LED fixtures are adjustable to match almost any color spectrum with one light. While they are technically the most expensive option up front, their cost is mitigated through long term savings in power. Therefore, making them the best investment and most sustainable choice overall. Prices also tend to fall as technology advances. For a full guide to setting up your indoor grow room, check out our indoor room setup guide here.

History of Cannabis

While tending to your plant and waiting for those gorgeous flowers, why not learn about its history?! From the first mention of Cannabis by Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi in 2900 BC as a “popular medicine containing both yin and yang,” too early American colonists who grew hemp for textiles and rope, cannabis has a long resume of varied uses. In fact, if you are interested in a review of the purported 10,000-year World History of Cannabis and Hemp, Advanced Holistic Health has an extensive catalog beginning with the “use of hemp cord in pottery identified at an ancient village site dating back over 10,000 years, located in the area of modern-day Taiwan.

Modern Day Benefits

The modern-day benefits of cannabis are also vast. Many individuals suffering from chronic pain have found relief from their symptoms when using medical cannabis. In addition, many who previously struggled with drug use – especially opioid abuse – have found solace in the calm cannabis can provide. More information on the effects of cannabis and drug abuse can be found at This website also details many of the health benefits of CBD, one of the components of cannabis. It uses include helping to control seizures, addictions and includes anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties.

Cannabis is generally regarded as a very safe substance. That said, it is always important to be very familiar with your product. Assuming that you are growing yourself, make sure that you trust the origin of your seeds. If you are not growing your own product, make sure that you verify where it has come from and that you are comfortable with the plant’s origin before you imbibe.

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