Our bulk refill option gives you 4 bottles worth of soap in a 32-ounce container, so you can refill your own containers right at home & save!

Just like your gut has a microbiome, so does your skin! That’s why Growing Organic’s Lactosoapcillus™ probiotic powered hand soap provides a naturally refreshing way to stay clean while giving your skin’s microbiome a boost of probiotics.

  • NATURAL & VEGAN: We utilize only the purest plant-based materials available to formulate our probiotic powered hand soap because we understand what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin.
  • PROBIOTICS FOR YOUR SKIN: Your skin has a microbiome that needs to be cared for too! Our probiotic soap combines skin-loving oils with microorganisms like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium ready to help your skin feel brighter and nourished.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES: Mother Earth has given us so many wonderful natural scents to choose from, we would never want to replace these with artificial and toxic fragrances. This is why each of our all-natural vegan probiotic soaps utilizes only the finest essential oils. Always bringing you naturally fresh and revitalizing scents to enjoy.
  • PALM OIL FREE: Each year, humans destroy nearly ten percent of the world’s forests for palm oil production. This is why you will never find palm oil in any of our probiotic soaps.


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Original (frankincense, lavender & tea tree), Lavender, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Patchouli


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Do you use palm oil?

No, we do not use palm oil in any of our products.

Are the probiotics considered vegan?

Yes, the probiotics are grown on a vegan substrate, without any dairy products.

Where are your essential oils sourced from?

We buy our essential oils from Liberty Naturals and can provide a Certificate of Analysis for any oil you’d like.

Is the soap safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, the soap is safe for sensitive skin. However, some people find the essential oils irritating to their sensitive skin, so if you have sensitivity to essential oils, you may find the soap slightly irritates your skin.

Is the soap safe for children and infants?

Yes, the soap is safe for children.

Won’t the probiotics just wash off my hands?

The skin may seem smooth and nonporous, however, when inspected under a microscope you can see the textured and porous nature of the skin. Within these ridges, bacteria reside that make up the skin microbiome, which latch on to the skin to form communities (aka your skin microbiome). When you wash your hands, the soap works to loosen dirt and grim from the skin’s surface and then wash it away. While some bacteria may be washed away as you wash your hands, the skin’s surface is like a mountain range with canyons, which allows the probiotics to nestle in and remain on the skin’s surface even after washing.

What’s the difference between probiotic soap and antibacterial soap?

An antibacterial soap is designed to kill all bacteria present on the skin; good or bad. This means that even the good microorganisms working to protect your skin microbiome are killed off. With probiotic soap, the dirt and grim is removed while leaving the good microorganisms on the skin, as well as replenishing them with added probiotics.

Learn more about the difference between probiotic soap and antibacterial soap over on our educational hub here: https://growingorganic.com/2020/08/17/antibacterial-versus-probiotic-soap-which-one-is-better-according-to-science/

Does the Probiotic Hand Soap contain any ingredients that are common irritants for those with sensitive skin or allergies, such as artificial fragrance or preservatives?

All of our ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, or sustainability sourced from nature, so there are no artificial fragrances or preservatives. The only ingredient that may cause irritation would be potassium hydroxide (lye). However, we pH our soap base to ensure all lye is removed from the soap, so there should be minimal to no irritation.

Is it safe to use the Probiotic Soap Liquid to wash my pets?

The Probiotic Hand Soap is meant to be used for your hands and not pets, or other washing needs. For these types of cleaning chores, we recommend choosing our Probiotic Castile Soap. However, if your pet does end up getting the hand soap on him, or needs to use it in an emergency, it is safe to be used on the pet.

What should I do if the Probiotic Soap Liquid is ingested?

If you swallowed a large amount of probiotic hand soap, pain or swelling in your throat and on your lips and tongue may develop. You may also experience gastrointestinal distress, including vomiting. If this occurs, contact your healthcare provider immediately.