Your Composting Subscription

To offer the Community Composting Program, the following fees are associated with the program for residential composters:

Item Price
Registration Fee $25
Monthly Service Fee $11/month
Additional/Replacement Bucket $22
Pickup Fee $11-$22*

*Your pickup fee is based on how many miles you are from Main St. & Townsend Ave. in Montrose, Colorado. Plus how many others in your area are signed up for. Get your neighbors involved and you have the potential to drop it down to zero!

The registration fee includes a composting bucket, detailed instructions, and a month’s supply of Kashi Blend (compost accelerator). And, of course, we are always just a phone call away to help you out!

Your credit card will be charged each month. You can exchange your bucket as many times as needed throughout the month at one of the below drop-off locations. When you need more Kashi Blend, you will need to go to Build-A-Soil during business hours or meet us at one of the local farmer markets to replenish your supply.

Drop-Off Locations

You have several options for exchanging your composting bucket for a fresh one, which includes:

Additional Tips to Compost Successfully with Bokashi:

  • You can never add too much Kashi Blend, but you really shouldn’t need to use more than one pound when filling a 5-gallon bucket.
  • The more liquids and oils you add to your composting bucket, the more often you will need to use the spigot to drain it. The microorganisms cannot do their job submerged in liquids. This liquid can be poured safely down your drains, including those with septic. It actually works as a natural drain cleaner.
  • You can also drain the liquid from your bokashi bucket, commonly called leachate, and use it as a fertilizer in the garden. Please note: It needs to be diluted in water at a ratio of 1:500 (1 ounce per gallon) due to the high acidity of the liquid.
  • You will want to avoid placing completely rotten or moldy (blue or green) food in the bucket as well. When you add too much of these types of foods, it can cause the bokashi bucket to go bad and you definitely don’t want that!
  • If you notice black or green mold forming in your bucket, add more Kashi Blend to the bucket to try and mitigate the issue.
  • If you notice white mold in your bucket, it’s okay. The microorganisms are hard at work fermenting your food scraps for you. Please note: It is not necessary for “white mold” to form for the food scraps to ferment and if you’re opening the bucket continuously “white mold” will not form until the 7 to 10 day incubation period when there are truly anaerobic conditions.
  • To learn more about composting with bokashi, visit our educational hub here.

Additional information

Bucket Exchange

Pick-Up, Drop-Off


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How do I get my composting setup after I register?

We will bring the system to your home, or schedule a pick-up time for you to get it from either Build-A-Soil or Colorado Yoga House.

When do you do pick-ups?

If you select pick-up as your option, we will reach out to you and determine how often you need it picked up as well as a day that works best for everyone. Expect to hear from us with 24-48 hours.

How often can I drop-off a full bucket at the exchanges?

You can exchange your bucket as often as needed. If you find yourself needing to exchange more than once a week, we recommend purchasing a second bucket, so you can make fewer trips.

What am I allowed to put in the bucket?

You can place all of your food waste in your composting bucket. This includes meat, dairy & eggs, as well as vegetable and fruit scraps. The only items you will want to avoid are oily, greasy, or liquidy (i.e. soup).

How often do I need to add Kashi Blend to the bucket?

You should be adding in a small handful (about a 1/8 cup or less) every few inches of food waste, or every time you add food waste to the bucket.

Why do I need to add the Kashi Blend (compost accelerator)?

The Kashi Blend is a living biologic product, which means there are microorganisms living on the grains. These microorganisms begin to ferment the food to prepare it for the final stage of composting. If you do not add the Kashi Blend, harmful bacteria (i.e. black and green mold, maggots) will begin to form.

What are you doing with the compost?

As we begin this program, we will be working to figure out how to get the compost back to those that are interested. In the first few months, it will take some time to determine how much and how often we can distribute compost out to you.

Will you be adding drop-off locations in the future?

Yes! It is our hope to span across the Western Slope one day.

For now, if you would like a new exchange opened, please email us at and let us know. The more interest we receive for a specific area, the more likely an exchange will be added!

We are actively working with a company in Ridgway to add an exchange there, so be on the lookout for this addition later this year!