What is a Discovery Session?

Unlike some consultations, this session is designed to help you get a clear vision of the future. By seeing what is hindering your progress and how you can remove the weeds in the garden that is your body + mind, we will work together to formulate a plan unique to you so you can effectively discover the work that needs to be done & transform your life.

Discover What’s True for You

This is not a cookie-cutter session, you are a unique being with unique needs that need to be met to reach your goals. For this reason, I don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” program to offer you or bullet points of exactly what we will do together during this session. It will always vary from person to person.

The Session: What To Expect

What I can tell you though, is that we will dive deep into what’s blocking you from moving forward to attain the goals set out by your Highest Self. This session will include a lot of talking to start (plus some new patient forms), as well as other tools to help us truly dig deep. Some of these other tools may include meditation or visualizations, oracle card readings, human design + astrology, journaling, or something else that Spirit guides us into for discovery.

At the end of the session, you will leave with a clear vision + a tangible action plan to achieve your goals. This plan will lay out what you can do moving forward to remove barriers and reach the stars. While I would love to help guide you all through this process in my Rooting Into Wellness Program, I also provide do-it-yourself guidance, so there are options for everyone. Maybe you simply want to use this session to get clear and create an action plan, or maybe you need more guidance and support through the process, wherever you are, I am here to help.

*You can expect to be with me for 75 – 90 minutes during this in-person or virtual session.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Paisley Flad runs Growing Organic’s operations + production alongside her husband, AJ, in addition to, offering wellness coaching, yoga classes + plant medicine ceremonies. She hopes to help others connect deeper with Mother Nature so they can live their highest potential. Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, as well as a 200-hour yoga certification. While much of her knowledge comes from formal education, a much larger portion comes from her own journey towards healing via the bounties Mother Earth has provided us with.


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