While many health programs or regimens are a set number of days with a pre-determined outcome (i.e. get six-pack abs, find happiness, etc.), my belief is that each individual is a unique being with unique needs + desires. So, you won’t find me prescribing a one-size-fits-all or specific health outcome when it comes to growing your wellness roots. You are unique and I want your wellness plans to be too.

As with everything, wellness begins with a solid foundation, our roots. So, naturally, that’s where we will start.

If you haven’t already Discovered Your Roots with me, you’ll want to do that first before diving into 1:1 sessions with me. This way we have a clear idea of where we are headed and how we are going to get there. Plus, then we get to connect & share a laugh or two (I swear I was a comedian in a former life) before we get down to serious healing business.

What To Expect

Once we’ve worked to unearth the compacted soil to discover where your roots need support + nourishment, we will get to work looking at all aspects of the Self (mental, emotional + physical). Blending together a variety of alternative healing modalities, we will work together to formulate a plan that allows you to achieve actionable goals each week. These weekly goals will be stepping stones towards your ultimate wellness + freedom, which allows for us to see the progress being made (and celebrate, of course), as well as how to best move forward. While some plans are set in stone from the start, you can expect your plan with me to mold + shift just as you do (and nature does).

In the beginning, you can expect to meet at least once a week (maybe a few phone calls or texts in there), with these sessions lessening as time goes on and your wellness roots begin to truly take root in the garden of your mind, body & soul. Eventually sending you off to soar to your Highest Self’s potential.

Who do you work with?

I work with a wide variety of people, but many of the people that do come to me are:

  • those seeking a better way of life or trying to find a way out of a mental rut,
  • exacerbated all Western medicine methods and want to find an alternative treatment method that will work for them,
  • those that have struggled with finding a purpose in life,
  • those that have dealt with trauma or tragedy in their life that’s left the motivation to live nearly non-existent,
  • and anyone looking to heal so their light may shine bright for others.

What’s the investment?

The investment will vary from person to person depending on how many times we meet and for how long you wish to have my guidance available to you. The initial session will be $120 and each session thereafter will be $90 – $120 depending on each individual’s needs. This will all be determined during our initial meeting so that you can make a clear + informed decision on how you’d like to move forward.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Paisley Flad runs Growing Organic’s operations + production alongside her husband, AJ, in addition to, offering wellness coaching, yoga classes + plant medicine ceremonies. She hopes to help others connect deeper with Mother Nature so they can live their highest potential. Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, as well as a 200-hour yoga certification. While much of her knowledge comes from formal education, a much larger portion comes from her own journey towards healing via the bounties Mother Earth has provided us with.


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