Each available scent is linked to a specific mantra (“man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle) which can further aid you in cultivating (or focusing) your mind in a specific direction. Through repeating these mantras, energy blockages in the body can be cleared. Thus, allowing you to reach new heights and connect deeper with your Highest Self. Enhanced with the power of aromatherapy to enhance the mindbody and the ritual of burning candles to enhance vibes, clear energy, and bring in new energy, these candles are the perfect way to start or enhance your meditation practice!

Scents & Mantras:

  • Vetiver + Cedarwood | Sat Nam
  • Lavender + Sage | So Hum
  • Sandalwood + Cypress | Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Frankincense + Myrrh | Om Namah Shivaya

Each is packaged in a glass mason jar utilizing all-natural hemp wicks and scented with natural essential oils to ensure a non-toxic way of life.

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Frankincense + Myrrh, Sage + Lavender, Sandalwood + Cypress, Vetiver + Cedarwood

2 reviews for Meditation Candles | 100% Soy Wax Candles with Essential Oils

  1. Marion (verified owner)

    The scent is amazing!

  2. Derrick Poe (verified owner)

    Great scent, Long lasting. Wonderful candles.

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