BuildABloom is BuildASoil’s long awaited amino acid formula for flowering plants. Most companies will offer a bone meal, guano or phosphoric acid product for their flowering line up, but we didn’t want to go that route! After years of searching we teamed up with a manufacturer that we really trust and found a way to use ingredients that we respect. The reason it works? The premium vegan non-gmo soy aminos help chelate the micronized minerals and make the phosphorus, potassium and calcium more readily available. The results are dramatic! You’ll experience bigger, denser and sweeter flowers and you’ll know exactly why. Build A Bloom



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1 lb., 5lb

2 reviews for BuildABloom

  1. Jereme Sturgill (verified owner)

    Great product!

  2. Yuriy (verified owner)

    The absolute BEST bloom booster for medical cannabis! I’ve tried many different products such as synthetic, organic, mix of natural and organic, DIY but this Build-A-Bloom adds a little more weight that’s noticeable because I had 6 plants of the same strain and I added Build-A-Bloom to 3 of them and the other 3 got nothing except their base nutrients and the results were very noticeable more than anything I’ve ever tried in 7 years of growing mostly indoors and some outdoors.
    I highly recommend this product and Growing Organic Shop did not disappoint because I received my delivery in only a few days and it was a very smooth and easy transaction.

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