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What Regenerative Cannabis Is & Why You Should Be Joining The Party

What Regenerative Cannabis Is & Why You Should Be Joining The Party

regenerative cannabisWhen it comes to growing cannabis, there are quite a few ways to go about it. Well, actually, there’s a lot of ways to go about it. But, is there a right way? We believe so.

After trying out nearly every growing environment out there, we’ve found that nothing beats good old-fashioned organic permaculture practices, which focus on leaving the soil healthier and healthier after each harvest.

This is what we call regenerative cannabis. Not only does it produce some of the best tasting buds you will ever ingest, it’s good for the environment in more ways than we can count! Plus, you can really grow any crop you want using these same principles!

So, what’s wrong with other growing methods?

Alright, here’s your fair warning that you may not agree with us and that’s okay. But, we feel very strongly about this and hope that you do too. There are a number of ways to grow cannabis, some of which include:

Coco Coir

For this setup, you use coco coir as your soil medium and feed the plant liquid nutrients throughout the entirety of their growing cycle. Some like this as they can “flush” the plants near the end of their life cycle. However, beware that all you are doing is providing your plants with loads of bottled nutrients that are made in a lab setting.

Yes, there are organic nutrients you can use with this method, but still, where in nature do you see this naturally occurring? You don’t and that’s the problem. The only goal is to get the buds as big as possible with bottled nutrients, not to grow the plant as it would be grown naturally without our assistance in the wild.

Not to mention all of the plastic bottles you go through each growing cycle and the waste that it causes. Plus, we can almost guarantee your buds won’t taste as good this way either. Sure, you can flush out most everything, but the crop still grew from chemicals, so expect the harvest to taste like it.


Now, when it comes to hydroponics, the water is your growing medium. This means that yet again, you will most likely be adding in bottled nutrients. Of course, you may water in compost tea or other natural nutrients for the plants, just as you could with coco coir.

But, what about all of that water?! Well, that’s one of the main problems with it – you will waste and use a lot of water that isn’t actually necessary to grow big and beautiful plants.

Additionally, you better hope and pray nothing breaks or busts because that is one big giant mess nobody wants to clean up!

Shop CBD Products Grown Regeneratively

But, why choose to grow cannabis regeneratively?

Well, to start, you won’t be using loads of bottled nutrients made in a lab. Instead, you’ll be using nutrients that you can find naturally in nature.

Moreover, you’re growing cannabis just as it would grow in a forest without your help, except maybe a little better than Mother Nature could do on her own. And, that’s only because you can watch, correct, and add additional nutrients when needed to ensure optimal growth. Whereas Mother Nature doesn’t necessarily foliar spray the plants with compost tea or add in extra amendments to increase production, you are able to.

Alright, so here’s the why growing cannabis regeneratively isn’t just good for you, but also the environment.

Increase Soil Health & Biodiversity

The most important of all is the health of your soil. Without healthy soil and biodiversity in your soil, you essentially have useless dirt. Literally, useless, as it has no nutrients, microorganisms or any other beneficial microbes.

However, when you grow in a regenerative fashion, you are:

  • aiding in the production of these microorganisms under the soil,
  • bringing earthworms into the environment,
  • and allowing the soil to thrive.

And, when you do this, you are creating the perfect environment to regenerate your soil instead of destroying it like modern farming practices do.

Not sold on the fact that healthy soil is where everything starts and ends? Here’s some fun soil health facts for you:

earthworms improve health of soil
mulch aids in microbial activity
earthworms moderate ph levels for you

Increase in Water Retention

Plus, when you begin to increase the health of your soil, you also increase the ability for it to retain water. Yup, that means less watering for you! It’s really a win-win for you, the cannabis plants and Mother Nature.

increase water retention in soil

Reduce the Effects of Climate Change

Alright, another major benefit of growing your cannabis this way is the fact that it actually aids in reducing the effects of climate change. Through this growing method, you are effectively decreasing the number of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere.

Here’s a surprising fact for you, the current industrial growing practices are responsible for upwards of 50% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t you want to help reduce that number? We know we sure do!

If that’s not enough to convince you, by growing in this way, you are improving the carbon stock within your soil. Yup, you guessed it, this in itself significantly can reverse the effects of climate change.

Fewer Expenses & Less Time Spent

If we haven’t convinced you yet, maybe reducing your growing expenses will be all you need to join the regenerative cannabis movement. Here it is, when you grow your plants this way, you will ultimately spend less money on your garden.

The primary reason for this is that you do not need to restock bottled nutrients for every growing cycle. Instead, you continually improve the health of your soil and your soil thanks you by giving you big and tasty buds with little out of pocket expense.

Additionally, you’ll save time. Instead of having to continually balance your pH and flush your soil medium, you’ll let the soil and Mother Nature do that for you! Again, you don’t see trees pouring pH balancing solutions into the soil to ensure everything around is at exactly the right pH. Instead, Mother Nature takes care of balancing everything out for the ecosystem, which is exactly what regenerative farming is all about!

Produce Better Tasting Buds

Lastly, you’ll get better tasting buds! We aren’t making this up either – it’s been proven time and time again that growing cannabis in this way will always produce denser trichomes and a stronger terpene profile.

Don’t believe us, go head over to your local cannabis dispensary and purchase some of that bottle nutrient cannabis and compare it to some no-till living soil cannabis, we guarantee you that you will notice a difference. From the taste and flavor all the way to how much smoother the smoke is.

It’s Really The Only Way

All in all, organic is always better and when you do it in a way that ensures our soil continues to be improved upon, we promise your plants will never disappoint you.

Ready to start? Check out our complete no-till living soil grow guide here.

Otherwise, head out to your local dispensary and demand some regenerative cannabis products. Not all dispensaries will offer it (we know it’s disappointing), but keep on pushing them to find a grower to supply this type of product for you. They will thank you later for being so pushy about wanting the best tasting buds around. 😁

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  1. […]   The same principles of regenerative agriculture apply no matter the crop. So the same concepts are part of regenerative cannabis farming, which integrates the surrounding environment and community into the systems that build soil, restore habitat, protect water quality and encourage mutualistic relationships. It works year-round with the seasons. It is bioregional (considerate of the unique physical and environmental features of the region) and heterogeneous (concerned with maintaining and encouraging biodiversity). And it is guided by principles and ethics, according to Regenerative Cannabis Farming.    Outside of securing land and establishing its health from the ground up, literally, connecting with and educating local communities of the power of regenerative farming is of the utmost importance. Beyond spreading awareness, continuing the research of cannabis and other plants as mindful medicine and integral parts of our community will also help further the implementation of regenerative farming.      Want to learn more? Check out some of our favorite organizations that are spreading the word on regenerative farming and agriculture.    More info: […]

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