• H2O Armour Liner
  • Thicker Fabric For Longer Life
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Optional Kit B Includes Bed, joint fittings, PVC Frame, Trellis, Tool Pouch (everything is included! No hardware store runs or guessing PVC lengths.)
  • Optional Modular Dolly Makes Moving, Cleaning, & Maintenance Easier

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Find the perfect fit for your garden with one of Kultiva’s Living Soil Beds, available in an array of sizes to suit every grower’s needs. Expertly crafted from durable materials, our Living Soil Beds are designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. The innovative construction promotes a thriving ecosystem and ensures durability season after season.

Choose our optional frame and trellis Kit B to get growing faster, with no more trips to the hardware/grow store. This comes with EVERYTHING!

Add on our modular dolly system to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Kit A: Comes With living soil bed, and pipe joints (Trellis fittings style)

Kit B: Comes with Bed, Joint fittings, PVC frame, trellis, and tool pouch (Everything you need, no hardware store runs or guessing PVC lengths!)

Why Use Kultiva Living Soil Beds? 

Promotes Healthy Plant Growth: Living soil beds provide a rich and diverse soil environment that promotes healthy plant growth. The blend of materials used in these beds provides optimal moisture retention, aeration, and nutrient absorption, leading to stronger and more resilient plants.

Reduces Environmental Impact: Unlike traditional agriculture that require synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to promote plant growth, living soil being used in living soil beds use natural processes to enhance soil fertility & microbial activity. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of gardening by minimizing the use of harmful chemicals that can harm the soil, water, and wildlife.

Saves Time and Money: Living soil beds are designed to last for multiple growing seasons, reducing the need to constantly replace beds or soil. They also require less frequent watering due to the excellent moisture retention properties of the materials used. This can save gardeners time and money in the long run, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective option for gardening.

Overall, using Kultiva living soil beds is a great way to promote healthy plant growth while reducing your environmental impact and saving time and money. They are an excellent choice for gardeners looking to adopt more sustainable and organic gardening practices. These heavy duty fabric beds generate the conditions that all plants need to be successful.  Rugged, durable, and easy to move with our modular dolly system, these fabric beds generate years of quality usage and higher yielding harvests.  Available in a variety of sizes.

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4' x 4' Kit A (Bed & Pipe Joints), 4' x 8' Kit A (Bed & Pipe Joints), 4' x 4' Kit B (Bed, Pipe Joints, PVC Frame, Trellis, & Tool Pouch), 4' x 8' Kit B (Bed, Pipe Joints, PVC Frame, Trellis, & Tool Pouch)


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