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Using Kashi Blend

Whether you’re looking to increase your soil health, increase composting rates, or simply get rid of a stinky litter box, our diverse grain bokashi is ready to help you get the job done (seriously).

probiotic skin care | vegan skin care
probiotic soap

Probiotics for Your Skin

Just like your gut has a microbiome, so does your skin! That’s why we formulated a probiotic skin care line to include soaps, deodorants and more. By taking care of this outer layer, you can better protect yourself against pathogens and improve overall skin health. 

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holistic healing
holistic healing

Natural Healing

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, indigestion, IBS, acne, anxiety, depression, or are simply overwhelmed with stress, Mother Nature has provided us with many healing plants to help alleviate any imbalance occurring within the body.  

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