Note: The Fermented Liquid Peach Extract is a seasonal product, and only available for a limited time! Get your own while supplies last!

Derived From: Orchard Grown Peaches, Clean Mountain Water, molasses, sorghum syrup, Lactic Acid Bacteria sourced from local goat whey, Super Cera Powder, and EM-1. This is then fermented until the peach fruit is digested and extracted into the liquid and the sugars are consumed by the microbes to lock in the PH for stability and ease of use in the garden.

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1/2 Gallon, Gallon, 4 Gallon Case

5 reviews for Peach Fermented Plant Extract

  1. Kurtis Young (verified owner)

    My plants love this ! I highly recommend.

  2. blake b. (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! And the packaging was too!!

  4. Donald S. (verified owner)

    Been getting the pumpkin the last 2 years thought I try this last 5 weeks of Okla outdoor. In veg fed the fermented horse nettle, fermented alfalfa always always for us I hammer my girls with the Frass 60mll per gallon bubbled every 2 weeks. Huge juicy buds heavy duty tricombs.

  5. Stan (verified owner)

    Love the ferments. Insect frass ferment every watering and then I switch to a fruit ferment at first sign of flowering.

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