Rootwise Bio-Catalyst Enzyme Elixer utilizes organisms found in the Rootwise Mycrobe Completealong with select yeast and fungi cultures, enzymes are produced, extracted, and concentrated into a non-living liquid form. This results in an enzyme profile that functions symbiotically with the organisms present in Mycrobe Complete soil inoculant.

These digestive enzymes are the catalysts of the soil biology process which enables nutrient uptake. When applied in tandem with a soil inoculant the enzymes allow the microbes to come out of dormancy and perform their tasks with increased viability and efficiency.

3-5 ml per gallon.

1 Pint per Acre of Soil

2.5 Gallon Concentrate is recommended at 1 ml per gallon of water. This 2.5 gallon concentrate will make 10 gallons of standard Bio-Catalyst Enzyme Elixer. This concentrate is most cost effective for large scale use.

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Gallon, Quart, Combo Pack, Pint, XL Combo Pack. 1lb Mycrobe complete, 1lb bio phos, 1 Gallon enzymes

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  1. derek erlandson (verified owner)

  2. Alistone T (verified owner)

    Taking my grow to another level!! . . . Great product from a great store!!!

  3. Robert Roane (verified owner)

  4. Jonathan M. (verified owner)

    Solid as always

  5. Matthew Johnson (verified owner)

  6. John (verified owner)

    So far so good

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