Trich Stopper may reduce the likely hood of contamination within a mushroom Monotub. It may also increase yields and decrease colonization times. It is not intended to be used prior to sterilization of grain or substrate. 

Application – Trich stopper can be added when mixing colonized grain with substrate. If your substrate is fully saturated and at field capacity we still recommend adding 1-2oz of trich stopper with 1-2oz of water while mixing for maximum effect. You can also use a mixture of trich stopper and water to mist after mixing grain and substrate together. 

You can use trich stopper to spot treat any contamination that shows. Simply spray the effected area. The sooner you spray the contamination the higher the chance you’ll get rid of it. Trich Stopper is not intended to be sprayed on grain that shows contamination. 

Dosing – Trich stopper should be used at a rate of 1-2oz per 16oz of water. If you’re using to spot treat contamination use 2oz per 16oz of water. 

For better fruit set use 1-2oz per 16oz of water. Spray just before pinning occurs and between flushes. 

It is normal for this product to have a foul smell due to the nature of how it is produced. 

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1/2 Gallon, Quart


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