This special seasonal Fermented Plant Extract of Watermelon is made with love on a small farm near Paonia Colorado using natural probiotic farming practices. This farm has been operating under the direction of Miles Filippelli since 2016 for the purpose of producing high quality plant inputs for BuildASoil and the Fermented Plant Extracts product line.

Lactobacillus bacteria are saprophytes, meaning they are decomposers, they break down organic matter. This trait is harnessed in the production of Fermented Plant Extracts where lactobacillus are fed specific nutrient dense food sources for the purpose of breaking down plant compounds and extracting them into a liquid form.

Derived From: Clean Mountain Water, Watermelon, molasses, sorghum syrup, Lactic Acid Bacteria sourced from local goat whey, and EM-1. This is then fermented until the plant matter is digested and extracted into the liquid and the sugars are consumed by the microbes to lock in the PH for stability and ease of use in the garden.

Ingredients: Water, Lactic Acid Bacteria sourced from local goat whey, Molasses, Sorghum Syrup, Plant Matter (Watermelon), EM1

Why Use?

This particular Fermented Plant Extract is made from watermelons.  Watermelon Fermented Plant Extract is designed for all stages of growth, especially bloom.  The large seed bearing fruiting body of watermelon is rich in nutrients including vitamin C, B, magnesium and calcium.

Article about Biofertilizer Made Using Watermelon

Article about Optimization Of Bio-Fertilizer Production From Watermelon Peels Using Response Surface Methodology.

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