To put it simply, the website you are visiting today only exists because of one couple’s frustration! My name is Rebecca, and a few years ago, my partner A.J. and I decided to embark on a journey to lead a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. After moving to sunny central Florida, we decided we wanted to grow our own food. We needed to learn how to do so responsibly and effectively. Furthermore, we did not want to waste precious time, money and resources only to end up with plants that were unhealthy or crops that were inedible. Growing Organic is the culmination of many months of personal research and experimentation.

As we began, we found it unbearably difficult to find useful information on the internet. Often buried deep among existing sites and videos and hours of searching, we would finally discover single bits of information that we could piece together to solve our gardening dilemmas. With this struggle in mind, we decided to compile all of the information we found useful into one cohesive website. We want to share this information for others to use as an organic growing resource. In addition, now we are able to document and share our journey with the world!

Who Are We?

aj and rebecca

We are AJ and Rebecca – the formerly-frustrated creators of Growing Organic! No longer wondering how to keep our crops healthy, we now enjoy the endless benefits of a fruitful backyard garden. Long story short, we have each lived in various states, but met in Michigan. A few years into our relationship, we moved to Florida to be near our families. It is also where we began our organic gardening expedition. Eventually having much success, providing dinner for our family each night. Currently, we reside in Colorado on four-acres and continue to grow all of the food we desire. A.J. works for an organic garden and grow supply store, which has further increased his knowledge of ideal organic gardening practices and permaculture, while I work from home running my online marketing and web development business.

Our mission with Growing Organic is to provide an open-source educational resource center for those interested in expanding their horizons into a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. We are excited to share parts of our lives along the way too. As we feel connecting with our readers is one of the best ways to find new tricks or to learn about the benefits you have discovered through organic growing.

Have more questions for us? We are happy to answer them for you! And don’t worry, we will be adding more knowledge to Growing Organic soon! We are always seeking new tips and tricks to add to our own garden. And, of course, to share with you!