Hi there and welcome to Growing Organic where one crazy couple is on a mission to prove that organics work!

aj and rebecca

We’re AJ & Rebecca (the crazy couple) and we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for stopping by to visit us today!

In its simplest form, Growing Organic is an educational-based website that is intended to help you make the switch to a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. Within the website, you will find helpful tips and tricks for gardening, DIY projects, alternative medicine options, recipes, and so much more!

It is our belief that knowledge should be open source and readily available to anyone with the eagerness to learn, which is why our motto is as we discover, you discover.

Who are we?

We don’t want to just be some faceless blog, or company, for that matter! We want you to know we’re real people with stories that have brought us to this magical point of sharing our lives through Growing Organic with you.

First, let us restate (because it’s that important to us) that we are on a mission to prove organics work; in ALL areas of your life. Let’s call it whole world organics. And, we want to help you grow into this organic state, as we continue to do the same.

Like we said before, our name’s are AJ and Rebecca (that’s me!). We reside on the Western Slope of Colorado with our two four-legged children, Rocky and Maddie, as well as eight hens and counting.  While we’re discovering that it takes a lot of time to build a functioning homestead, we’re working towards full sustainability from the land for all of our worldly desires.