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No till living soil

Discover an organic approach.

By utilizing a no till, living soil approach, you can mimic nature’s natural ecosystems. Through integrated pest management, probiotics, and proper nutrients, you are able to not only produce amazing organic cannabis, but learn to appreciate all of the interconnected and mutually beneficial life cycles thriving among our soil.

Ready to start growing?

Awesome! With these simple guides, your indoor grow will be up and running in no time.

grow lighting | indoor gardening

Grow Lighting

When building an ideal indoor grow environment, the goal is to replicate sunlight utilizing grow lighting equipment. Surprisingly, technology has come quite far in allowing us to mimic the photosynthesis

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reamend soil for reuse | organic gardening

Cannabis Growing Mediums

Finding the appropriate growing medium for your plant is probably the most important decision you can make as an organic gardener. It is advisable to think of your plant’s growing

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indoor grow room setup

Indoor Grow Room Setup

Whether you’re a brand new cannabis grower or a master budsman, it’s possible that you have not yet considered setting up a grow room in your own home. Why not?

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Exploring cannabis as medicine.

From its pain relieving properties to skin care, and beyond.

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Begin your journey with cannabis by understanding the various cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant, as well as the effects each form produces.

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Start cooking with cannabis at-home to enjoy the many benefits this plant can provide. And, some fun in the kitchen!

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Medicinal usage

Understand how cannabis can be used medicinally and how it's helped others overcome ailments in their lives.

Learn the basics of growing cannabis.

Soil guides, grow room setups, at-home recipes, and more.

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Start mixing soil right at home to create the perfect blends for your gardening needs.

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Learn how amendments can boost your garden's production & the best way to use them in your garden.

fall leaves


Discover how to set up a composting system to reduce waste & increase your garden's production.

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Explore how adding probiotics to your garden can increase the activity of microorganisms & improve production.

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Incorporate integrated pest management into your garden to reduce pests & promote beneficial insects.

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Find ways to utilize all parts of your harvest in the kitchen, medicine cabinet and more.