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Recent Updates

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10 Ways to Reuse Our Bokashi Packaging

When we first started looking at packaging to use for our bokashi, we quickly realized the standard packaging used by a number of other companies was simply not going to
making herbal cannabis salve

How to Make Herbal Cannabis Salves

  When I first heard the word salve, let’s just say I was confused. Here was this small tin filled with a body cream, but everyone was calling it a
regenerative cannabis

What Regenerative Cannabis Is & Why You Should Be Joining The Party

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are quite a few ways to go about it. Well, actually, there’s a lot of ways to go about it. But, is there
container gardening

7 Tips for Growing Plants in Containers

The beauty of growing plants in containers comes from the fact you can do it pretty much anywhere. Whether you live in an apartment building with no access to a
Attract Monarch Butterflies

10 Flowers that Attract Monarch Butterflies

The monarch butterfly is one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Well, all butterflies, yeah, but monarch butterflies are native to the U.S. and are the most common butterfly you can
grow in a mason jar

What Can You Grow in a Mason Jar? Using Mason Jars in the Garden

Mason jars have been around since the 1800’s. Yup, the 1800’s! Okay, that might not be such a big shocker, but they’ve recently come back in style in the 21st
keeping your grow room clean

The Importance of Keeping Your Grow Room Clean & Sanitized

This post is brought to you by Berkshire. We’ve reviewed the post to ensure it meets our standards and feel you, our readers will appreciate what they have to say.

The Benefits of Growing Elderberries

When we think about berries, we typically think about strawberries, blueberries, and even raspberries. One that never pops into our heads are elderberries, yet it’s probably the one we see the
how to make cannabis tinctures

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures

Alright, so last week, we went over how to make cannabis-infused butter, which is a great way to start your journey into using cannabis, especially if you prefer not to

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