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Authentic living

Connecting mind, body & soul.

From the food we place in our bodies to the thoughts we let take up space in our mind and the people we surround ourselves with, there are many areas of you that must be cared for. Join us as we work to build a deeper connection with ourselves and the life force energy within us all.

Where are you in your journey?

being a conscious consumer

Being A Conscious Consumer

When it comes to consuming, the developed world has it down pat and not in a good way. More than half of consumption comes from developed nations like the United

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nutritional benefits of going organic

The Nutritional Benefits of Going Organic

“Wild-crafted” or “Organic” is the word used to describe plants that have been grown free of chemicals, toxins, herbicides, pesticides and genetic manipulation. As large corporations and money hungry companies

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kids learning to garden

Why Kids Should Learn How To Garden

It’s the season of flowers, seedlings, and sprouts as you begin your garden this Spring, and now that you’re finally getting into gardening we’re sure you’d like some company. Whether you’re

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Discover the joy in every moment.

Start living on purpose and with intention.

Your Body

From the food you eat, beauty products you use, and air you breathe, your body is constantly doing something, so give it the care it needs (and deserves)!

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Your Mind

The thoughts we allow to rent space in our minds effect us in a big way! That's why it's key to find ways that help you reset, refocus, and care for your mind.

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Your Soul

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