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The Benefits of Unplugging From Technology

Here we are. It’s 2018, the iPhone X just came out, and Face Recognition is the new Touch ID. Now it’s really starting to feel like the 21st Century. What we tend to forget is that life isn’t all about having the latest technology and software. Of course, most of us claim this not to be the case, we’re so sure these devices don’t run our lives. But don’t worry! We’re not coming after you for your technology habits. We’re here to tell you it’s okay, but it’s also okay to unplug for a little while.

leave technology behindWhat’s Unplugging from Technology?

When you unplug from technology, you lock away all of your devices and forget about them. Unplugging from technology doesn’t just mean turning off your smartphone, it also means turning off the television, powering down your computer and shutting down any other electronic device. It’s all about enjoying and appreciating the world around you.

Unplugging from technology doesn’t always have to be about electronics either. It can include taking a step away from work or any stressful environment. This is a stress-free zone!

Fun Fact: over 80% of cell phone users claim they could not go a single day without their device.

The Benefits of Unplugging from Technology

With so many distractions going on in the world, including new jobs, devices, meeting new people, you’re bound to want a break from it all. Studies have been done on the benefits of unplugging from technology, as well as what exactly happens. Here are the benefits that you can greatly use in your busy life.

unplugging from techImprove Your Quality of Life

It is said that when you turn off your phone and focus on other things in your life, including friends and family, your quality of life will improve. Not only will you interact with many other people, but you’ll connect with them in ways unknown otherwise. Separating from your phone gives you more time to interact with others while appreciating their company. Studies also show you eat much healthier and cook your own food when you’re not distracted by your cell phone.

Recharge & Be Happier

Unplugging from work generally makes you a much happier and energized person. It seems like work, especially when we hate our jobs, tends to drain us and puts us in a stressed out and groggy mood. Then, once we leave work, we have bursts of energy and adrenaline that gets us through the rest of the day with ease. However, when you carry the burdens of work at home with you, you tend to defeat the purpose of unplugging from work.

Try leaving everything work-related in your work environment so it’s not coming home with you. Consider clocking out your way of saying you’re unplugging, and let your happiness start to show. It’s past 5 o’clock, you’re not at work anymore, be happy! This proves to make you a better person while you’re outside of work, unlike the ball of stress you are when you stress over work after you’re done for the day.

Start Worrying About Yourself

It’s easy to fall into the dark hole that is social media. Whether you’re stressing out about who your ex might be with, or what your friends are up to, getting sucked into social media can put a huge toll on yourself. It’s easy to become stressed after seeing your friends post photos of them hanging out when you weren’t invited, so here’s what you can do, get off social media!

unplugging from technologyUnplugging from your phone, and especially social media, helps us realize we need to be focused on our general well-being rather than what someone else might be doing 24/7. When we unplug, we stop worrying about others and start worrying about yourself.

Stay Focused and Sleep Better

Have you ever went on your phone to check the time, or even unlocked it to see what the weather will be like, then get stuck for 30 minutes on Instagram with no intention of ever going on the app in the first place? #Relatable, huh? Yup, that’s what our phones are designed to do. It’s what these social media platforms intentions are. To distract us and reel us in. However, when you unplug from your devices, you’re bound to stay focused more often than none.

When we’re focused on what we need to be, we produce better and faster results. Our work improves while giving us a better understanding of things rather than focusing on an electronic. We also end up sleeping better, because we’re not focusing on our phone notifications or catching up on a show on Netflix. We’re, instead, focusing on how tired we are and how many hours to sleep is the right amount of hours. Things that matter that will improve our health and lifestyle for the better.

These benefits of unplugging should be obvious, however, most of us tend to look them over. It’s easy to oversee and not acknowledge the benefits with so many electronic temptations around us. But, it’s also important to stay in-tune with our mind, bodies, souls, and planet, as they’re the one ones we’ve got.