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Why Kids Should Learn How To Garden

why kids should learn how to gardenIt’s the season of flowers, seedlings, and sprouts as you begin your garden this Spring, and now that you’re finally getting into gardening we’re sure you’d like some company. Whether you’re a mom, a dad, older brother or sister or even an elementary school teacher, you can teach your kids how to garden. Kids should learn how to garden for so many reasons, and the main reason being that its tons of fun! If we as adults find it peaceful and enjoyable at the same time, your kids will think no less.

Witnessing something grow, something that you planted with your bare hands, is an amazing experience for a child. It can teach them so many new things at a young age, things that will help guide them as they flourish into small men and women.

Here are some top reasons on why kids should learn how to garden:

Lifelong Lessons and Skills

Your kids should learn how to garden because it teaches them lifelong lessons and skills at a very important time in their lives. Your children are in the beginning stages of life, so what they learn during this time is vital to their adult lives. A child’s brain can be molded during this time as they choose what type of adult they want to be, and what kind of adult you’d want them to be.

Gardening helps give children an understanding of life in a way you wouldn’t know how to describe otherwise.

The Importance and Value of Life

When a child plants a seed and witnesses it grow into a thriving plant, whether it be an herb or a vegetable, they are experiencing the cycles of living organisms. When they upkeep the garden, they understand that they are keeping their plants alive, fed and healthy. Without the maintenance of gardening, a plant and garden will die.

Should your child experience their garden withering and dying, they’ll know the importance of maintenance and what it takes to keep their garden alive. This is true not only in gardening but in life itself. We feed ourselves and keep ourselves clean daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we don’t wither away. Trying to explain these things to a child could be tough. However, when kids learn how to garden, they instinctively notice these things.

Teach Your Kid How To Compost!

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Skills and the Reward System

As children learn how to garden, they’re learning skills that can be used later in life. When they learn these skills, such as watering, fertilizing, digging and more, they’re understanding the work they need to put in to make things grow. Once they’ve done with all of the hard work, they’re then rewarded with a flourishing plant. And, it’s even more fun when they can eat what they’ve grown!

That kind of reward is something only achieved when a child learns gardening skills and helps the plants flourish. Kids should learn how to garden to learn the reward system and how exactly to earn those rewards!

kids learning how to garden

It’s Fun!

This should be obvious. Gardening entails dirt and using tools to maintain a garden, and what kid doesn’t like to play in the dirt? Gardening helps to keep your kid’s hands busy while entertaining their minds. Encourage your kids to examine the dirt, even go looking for worms. Gardening is anything but boring, and your kids would be the first ones to tell you just that.


As a parent, you might find it tough to bond with your “tough-as-nails” kids. Teach your kids how to garden helps provide some bonding time that requires less talking and more doing, which your kid may need. You may find it to be extremely fun and personally rewarding, as you realize how much your kids are learning and enjoying themselves with you.

Our minds, bodies, and souls benefit when we learn how to garden, and this is no different for children as well. Kids should learn how to garden to get acquainted with life lessons and the importance of life itself!