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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter

Alright, boys and girls, we’re going to have some fun today! Well, really, we’re just going to share some amazing recipes from literally every nook and cranny of the interwebs, paperbacks and more on making cannabis-infused butter or oil (yum!).

The Basics of Making Cannabis-Infused Butter

To start, there are some basic instructions to follow, from there get as creative or boring as you’d like!

Ingredients Needed for Butter:

  • 1 lb. of unsalted butter (alternatively you can use a single oil, such as olive oil, or a blend of oils depending on what your finished product will be) 
  • A cup of water
  • An ounce of cannabis flower (alternatively you may choose to use 1 ½ ounces of trim instead of flower)

*Please note, you may find your body enjoys more or less cannabis within the butter or oil. Additionally, you may find you don’t need the water for the initial recipe. The water is used as a precaution to not scorch the butter.

Directions for Making “CannaButter”:

When it comes to making “cannabutter,” there are actually a few ways you can accomplish this depending on how complicated and/or expensive you want to make the process.

Simple & Cheap Method for Making Cannabis Infused Butter

Alright, by far the simplest way to make cannabutter is by using utensils found right in your kitchen cabinets. You will need a decent size saucepan to melt the butter in.

  1. Add the water to the pan, along with the butter. Turn the heat to medium-low and let the butter melt. (Note: we’re adding the water to simply prevent the butter from burning, as well as keep the temperature stable)
  2. Now that the butter is nearly all melted, begin to add in your cannabis product. At this point, the cannabis should be finely ground down.
  3. Once all of the ground cannabis is in the pan, ensure you keep the pan at low heat (around 225 degrees Fahrenheit). You will want to keep it like this for the next two to three hours. Don’t forget to stir the mixture occasionally, as well as ensure it never reaches boiling temperature.

Lazy Man’s Way of Making Cannabis Infused Oil

The last way was pretty simple, right? Yeah, but if there’s a lazier way to do it, you can be sure we will figure it out! And, that we did; the crockpot! For this one, you’ll use a crockpot (slow cooker) to make your cannabutter instead of the stovetop.

  1. Turn the crockpot on low, add your water, butter and cannabis flower to the pot.
  2. Once everything is added, simple cover and let it simmer in the crockpot for the next twelve to twenty-four hours. The earliest you can take it out is at eight-hour mark.

Video on Making Cannabis Infused Oil 

Preparing & Storing Cannabutter Once It’s Done Cooking

Both of the methods above require the same steps to complete the process for making cannabutter. Once the mixture has cooked for the desired amount of time, get ready to start straining the butter!

  1. Now that the cannabutter is ready to be stored for later use, you will want to grab a glass jar to hold the butter, as well as some cheesecloth.
  2. Then, what we like to do, is place the cheesecloth over the glass jar opening and begin to pour (SLOWLY). After a few seconds, you will need to lift the cheesecloth off, squeeze and repeat. This will ensure you get all the liquid from the cannabis flowers into your jar. When done straining, you can compost the used plant material
  3. Once the mixture is in the jar, simply put a lid on it and stick in the refrigerator to allow it to harden.
  4. Finally, the water and butter will separate from each other, thus allowing you to remove the butter and discard the water. At this point, your butter is ready to stored or left out to warm up for tonight’s dinner!

Just remember you don’t want to microwave your cannabutter, instead pull it out a few hours prior to using it.

Using Fancy Equipment to Make Cannabutter

Well, if you’re still not impressed with how much effort goes into making cannabutter, I’ve got some good news for you. They sell these awesome machines that practically do everything for you!

Most of these contraptions just require you to read the directions. Then, simply throw everything in and come back later when it starts beeping that it’s done.

Interested in one of these? The most popular one out there is Magical Butter, which you can buy right here.

Depending on what you’re making cannabutter for, you may find having one these around as handy as your blender or coffee maker. Personally, we prefer the crockpot method, but we think everything is better in the crockpot!

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But, how can I make my cannabutter taste better?

If you’re just starting your journey into making cannabis-infused butter, you may quickly discover that your recipes don’t taste all the great. This is from the chlorophyll within the cannabis leaves, which is now in your butter. It may taste as if you ate a raw leaf from a tree outside.

While some do not mind this taste and just want the effects of the edibles, if you’re like me and really enjoy enjoying your food, then you’ll want to learn how to wash your butter. By doing so, you will be able to get a better tasting edible that more closely tastes like the recipe when regular butter is used.

After preparing the butter using the directions above, you can perform the following steps to further refine your cannabutter.

  1. Pull the butter from the refrigerator and remove it from the container.
  2. After this place the block of butter back into a saucepan. Be sure it is set to low heat. (Do not go over 225 degrees Fahrenheit)
  3. Now, pour in an equal amount of water to cannabutter into the pan. At this time, you will want to begin stirring the mixture. You will start to notice parts of the butter latching on to the water molecules at this point. This part of the butter is the impure (chlorophyll filled) part.
  4. Once you feel the majority of the material is out of the butter itself, place the butter back in the refrigerator. The water separates from the butter while it is in there. DO NOT put this mixture in the freezer to speed the process up. It will ruin the butter.
  5. Finally, once the butter has cooled and fully separated from the water, it’s time to straining the water out. Upon doing so, you will notice the butter has lost some of its green colors.
  6. Feel free to repeat steps 1-4 a few more times if you feel the butter is still not done. However, if you perform this too many times, you will essentially make the butter useless, as it will have lost all of its potency.

What can I make with cannabutter?

So, you have this amazing cannabutter in your refrigerator just waiting to be used, but what can you make with it? Well, to start you could have a slice of toast with some butter on it for breakfast.

Seriously, anything you use butter in, you can replace with the cannabutter. However, if you’re looking for some deliciousness that’s simple to whip up, here’s the best recipes we found from across the internet to help you start cooking with cannabis today:

Even with all these great recipes, you can still step right outside of the box and cook with cannabutter in any way that you feel best. Literally, anything that typically calls for regular butter you can replace with cannabutter.

Just remember each person’s body responds to consuming cannabis differently. You may find you need much less or way more than the recipes call for. Be cautious and careful never to make the edibles too strong. It’s always better to start small and work your way up to more.

Plus, do you really mind having to eat all 24 cookies in one sitting if they came out too weak for you? I know I wouldn’t! I’d shovel them in, get up and get ready to try again until I perfected the recipe for what my body needs.

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