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10 Ways to Reuse Our Bokashi Packaging

When we first started looking at packaging to use for our bokashi, we quickly realized the standard packaging used by a number of other companies was simply not going to cut it.

For starters, it couldn’t be recycled or reused! And that simply was unacceptable to us, especially when you find out 50% of the trash we create is from product packaging!

That’s why we set out on a mission to find packaging that could be reused and recycled and we found it — 100% organic cotton totes with compostable produce bags inside to keep your bokashi fresh and your trash can empty!

How can you reuse our bokashi packaging?

To show you just how versatile our packaging is, we put together a list of the top ten things you can reuse our packaging for:

Produce bag at the grocery store:

We all go to the grocery store and buy produce, so why not use the cotton tote our bokashi comes in as your produce bag for your vegetables instead of those wasteful bags at the grocery store?!

Sustainable gift wrapping:

Sick of buying wrapping paper that you know will end up in your friend’s trash can? Wrap your gift in the cotton tote instead!

Use it as a lunch sack:

Whether you pack your lunch every day or just occasionally, our packaging is the perfect size for your meal! Or just plan a fun picnic with the family and bring everything in the bag!

Air freshener:

This one is a little out of the box, but it works great! Fill the cotton bag up with lavender, potpourri, or other herbs you enjoy the smell of! Then, simply hang it in your closet, place in a drawer or wherever you want for a simple and all-natural air freshener.

Store seeds, toys, makeup or anything that will fit:

Start organizing quickly! Both the medium and large cotton sacks are perfect to store garden seeds, toys, makeup, yarn, and so much more.

First aid kit:

Similar to the last idea, you can throw together a first aid kit to keep in the car or at home with our packaging too!

Create a care kit filled with food and other necessities to hand out to the homeless:

And another fun sack to put together is a “care kit” to hand out to the homeless. Often these contain a few snacks, toiletries, and other essentials. Just leave it in your car and make someone’s day when you see them on the streets!

To brew teas for the garden:

Getting ready to brew some tea for your garden? Simply add all of the ingredients into the cotton tote and get to brewing!

Make a planter:

Another out of the box idea is to fill the bag with soil and start growing in fun cotton containers (that drain really well)!

Have an arts and crafts day with the kids:

From making throw pillows with the bags to simply decorating them with glitter and paint, the kids are sure to have a blast! 

And don’t forget, the inner bag is fully compostable, so don’t just throw it away!

Have more ways you’ve come up with to reuse our packaging?
Share below in the comments!

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