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All of the Possible Ways to Use Castile Soap

Welcome! We are excited to invite you on our journey to discover all of the uses for castile soap around our home and on the farm!

We’ve been hard at work refining our DIY recipes to share with you all, which means this list is constantly expanding. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back here often for new recipes, tips, and tricks! You can also sign up for our mailing list to get every new post delivered directly to your inbox (and no spam, ever, we promise!).

All of the Possible Ways to Use Castile Soap

Body Wash

As a body wash, Castile soap is much less likely to strip the natural oils from our skin. Traditional lard-based soaps often lead to excessively dry skin and other related dermatological problems because of their tendency to strip these necessary oils and destroy the skin’s microbiome, its protective layer of defense. Many people who have struggled with dry skin for years have found that switching to Castile soap has improved or solved their dry-skin woes. Read more about using Castile soap as body wash.


Another one of our favorite uses for liquid castile soap is as a shampoo. Castile soap’s unique properties mean it is very effective at providing a deep clean without stripping your hair’s beneficial natural oils. However, the one exception is for people with color-treated hair. Typically using castile soap is not recommended for those with color-treated hair as the soap can strip the hair of artificial color (here is an all-natural shampoo option that is safe for color-treated hair). But if you do not have color-treated hair, or if you are not concerned with pigment loss, then liquid castile soap maybe the shampoo for you. Read more about using Castile soap as shampoo.

Washing Dishes by Hand or in the Dishwasher

Using our new Lactosoapcillus Probiotic & Vegan Castile Soap as dish soap (and even automatic dishwasher detergent!) couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Castile soap is highly concentrated, so a little goes a very long long way. And because it is made with a base of organic oils and skin-loving probiotics, your hands will thank you, as well. You can even choose which of our three available scents you like best, or start with unscented castile soap and add your own essential oils for a customizable fragrance! Read more about using Castile soap as a dish detergent here,

Pet Shampoo for All of Your Furry Friends

Our castile soap is made from a base of organic oils, which means that it is naturally less drying and more moisturizing than most commercially available synthetic soaps. These properties mean that castile soap is just as great a choice for your furry family members as it is for the humans in the house! Read more about using Castile soap as pet shampoo.

All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaner is a popular staple in many homes because it can be used for so many messes. Our all-natural recipe is safe for wiping down kitchen and bathroom countertops, making appliances sparkle, dusting off your dressers, and cleaning up almost any other non-porous surface in your home. Read more about using Castile soap as an all-purpose cleaner.

Produce Wash

(coming soon!)

Hand Soap

(coming soon!)

Pest Control

(coming soon!)

Ant Deterrent

(coming soon!)

Baby Soap

(coming soon!)

Makeup Remover

(coming soon!)

Brush Teeth

(coming soon!)

If you have any recipes to recommend or ideas that you’d like for us to try out, send us a message.


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