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growing comfrey

Growing Comfrey

Many years ago, comfrey was grown as a popular medicinal herb. Reaching nearly five feet tall, with large, prickly leaves beneath hanging clusters of colorful,

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growing tarragon

Growing Tarragon

Don’t let its reputation for being tricky to master scare you off; growing tarragon is actually easy once you know a few secrets about it.

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growing sage | organic gardening

Growing Sage

Growing sage is fairly simple for just about anyone. And, as a longtime favorite for seasoning all types of food, sage is a highly aromatic

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growing lavender

Growing Lavender

There’s a lot to like about lavender. Known for its rich, luxurious scent, the lavender plant is a stunning perennial evergreen, which originated in southern

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growing lemongrass

Growing Lemon Grass

Do you love the taste of the tropics but live too far from the equator to take advantage of it in your garden? There’s no

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growing mint

Growing Mint

Mojitos at a moment’s notice? Yes, please! It turns out that mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow at home. In fact, your biggest

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growing thyme

Growing Thyme

For those that can’t get enough of Mediterranean cuisine, growing thyme should definitely be on your ‘must-grow’ list this season. Native to the warm climates

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growing rosemary

Growing Rosemary

As a staple herb throughout Mediterranean cooking, rosemary has earned itself a reputation for its potent evergreen taste. Plus, it is easy to use in a

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growing oregano

Growing Oregano

Every Italian food lover knows the benefit that a well-grown sprig of oregano can add to their cooking. The zesty taste of oregano makes it

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